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The world of nature, 2008.  For the past year, Earth Vision has been active with its mandate to reach beyond environmentalism by presenting nature in the light of spiritual ecology. 


The director of the Earth Vision project is a seasoned explorer of wilderness, and researcher of Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy.  Josef Graf contends that the environmental movement is becoming increasingly unable to address the issues of the day, and that a deeper perspective is needed.  Citing the formidable output of Rudolf Steiner, in which spiritual science effectively overtakes material science, the author asserts that spiritual ecology serves as an indispensable adjunct to material ecology.


The Earth Vision website uses the vehicle of eco-spirituality to explore the interweave between humanity and nature.  Through excerpts from five books, each with a distinct approach, the viewer gains access to the wilderness within:


 -  a travelogue across North America;

 -  a calendar of nature and soul through the seasons;

 -  a global perspective of spiritual ecology down through the ages;

 -  a gallery that explores art, color theory, and the nature-soul dynamic;

 -  and a compendium of humor in the biography of Hebert Returns to America.


In addition to books, the EV project releases seasonal, in-depth articles addressing current environmental issues  - on topics such as the disappearing honeybees, the end of real estate, and the return of bison and wolf.

Humanity's impasse in the face of nature calls for extraordinary resolutions.  Earth Vision provides an entry to one of those forums.  In the words of Dorothy McLean, noted co-founder of Findhorn, “I read Earth Vision with delight. . . and appreciated the emphasis on humans sharing whatever qualities nature has. . . the words, and the spirit that shines through them, cannot but help people to expand their awareness.”




Earth Vision

Nature in the light of spiritual ecology.

Author, Josef Graf

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Beyond Environmentalism:
taking nature to a new level
It is the premise of Earth Vision that
in order for humanity to cherish nature,
humanity must first recognize nature for what it is:
a reflection of the very soul of its own being.
beyond environmentalism
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